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Investigating a series of unusual attacks on young women, Thorne finds himself dragged back into the nightmares of his past as he races against time to find a mysterious serial killer.

His first three victims are found dead. The fourth is not so fortunate. Alison Willetts is unlucky to be alive. She has survived a stroke, deliberately induced by skilful manipulation of pressure points on the head and neck. She can see, hear, feel and is aware of everything going on around her, but is completely unable to move or communicate. It's called Locked-In Syndrome. In leaving Alison alive, the police belive the killer has made his first mistake. That is until Thorne discovers the horrifying truth: it isn't Alison who ist the mistake, the three dead women are the mistake. Thorne knows that they are unlikely to be the last - for the killer seems to be getting a kick out of toying with Thorne as much as pursuing his sick fantasy. Thorne must find a man whose agenda is terrifyingly unique and Alison, the only person holding the key to his identity, is unable to tell anybody...

Also available as a miniseries (3 x 60')

Stephen Hopkins
David Morrissey, Natascha McElhone, Aidan Gillen, Eddie Marsan
Playing Time
120 min.
Dudi Appleton, Jim Keeble