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Family entertainment at its findest, that's THE BRAINIACS.COM, a film that is guaranteed to keep mum, dad and the kids amused right from start to finish with its up-to-date take on modern family life, the internet and, yes, even big business!

Eleven-year ols Matt is a lonely boy since his mother died. His older sister Kelly is always doing who knows what on her computer and dad - the head of the struggling Tyler Toy Co., is so occupied with work he doesn't know what's going on - because he is never there. So Matt decided to start a new business, Brainiacs.com, to collect enough investment money from other kids to take over a controlling stake at his father's company! Then he'll order dad to come home, take a holiday, have dinner with his children. What Matt and Kelly don't know is that a real, ruthless, takeover specialist has his eyes on Tyler Toy.

Funnier than anything else THE BRAINIACS.COM is a well acted, feel-good movie which neither talks down nor patronizes children but plays with its own concept.

Children / Teenagers, Comedy
Blair Treu
Bianca Rossini, Patrick T. O'Brien, Alan Lulu, David Bickford, Dom DeLuise, Michael Angarano, Gregg Berger, Rich Little, Vanessa Zima, Kevin Jamal Woods, Florence Stanley, Alexandra Paul, Kevin Kilner
Production Company
Porchlight Pictures
Jeff Phillips
Original Author
Jeff Phillips, Roger Mende, Kathleen Lohr