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HUMAN BOMB - based on a true story that took place in Paris  - is the nerve wracking story of a school class taken hostage.

With the story set in Munich, the film showcases the beautiful Patsy Kensit as a dedicated and loving teacher at a private school for children of diplomats - until she is suddenly confronted by a man wired with explosives, ready to blow the classroom up if his demands are not met. What follows is an exciting psychological game of cat and mouse between the intellectual and calculating killer, the teacher who was never trained for a situation like this, her pupils and the police.

Alongside Kensit ("Absolure Beginners", "Leathal Weapon 2), who gives a dynamic portrayal of a desperate but reolutely determined young woman. Jürgen Prochnow ("The Boat", "Dune", "The English Patient") brings authenticity and depth to the role of police officer Gerhardt Dach. Director Anthony Page uses his skills as a documentary filmmaker to highlight the mocingly personal interactions between teacher and children, showing their plight but never once descending into exploitation.

Anthony Page
Robert Spitz, Dorian Healy, Nicholas Day, Kate Harper, Jürgen Prochnow, Patsy Kensit
Playing Time
90 min.
Production Company
Griffin Productions
Lionel Chetwynd