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KIDNAPPED is based on the classic adventure "Kidnapped" and "Catriona" by Robert Louis Stevenson and takes the audience back in highly dangerous times in the 18th century in Scotland to witness the trials and tribulations of a young man in his quest for justice and the heart of the woman he loves.

It is 1745: English forces have defeated the Scottish rebels at the bloody battle of Culloden and brave David Balfour (Ekkehardt Belle) moves in with his uncle (Patrick Magee) after the death of his father. But the old man is plotting againt him and arranges David to be kidnapped and sold into slavery in Carolina.

After his escape David is caught up in a fight for justice as he tries to prove the innocence of two friends, who have been falsely accuesed of murder. During his efforts he not only falls in love with the beautiful Catriona (Aude Landry) but discovers that he has been a pawn in a political intrigue between two hostile clans.

The cast of KIDNAPPED includes David McCallum and Patrick Magge id "The Avengers". The director is Jean-Pierre Decourt. This miniseries does full justice to Stevenson's novels delivering excitement and entertainment wrapped up in a beautiful production design.

Jean-Pierre Decourt
Ekkehardt Belle, Jutta Speidel, Bernhard Wicki
Peter Graham Scott
Production Company
Tele München
Walter Ulbrich, Peter Graham Scott
Original Author
Robert Louis Stevenson