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CALEB WILLIAMS is a dramatic tale of injustice and revenge set in 17th century England.

Caleb Williams lives with his family on the Falkland estate and is witness to his father’s execution for a murder he did not commit. Falkland tales young Caleb in his opulent mansion and offers him a position as his secretary and librarian. He becomes the father figure of the young man and introduces him to a world of elegance. But the dream crumbles when Caleb stumbles across evidence that Falkland is the killer.

He flees from the estate but is captures a short while later by Falkland’s men. He is given a rigged trial, found guilty of theft and imprisoned. After he manages to escape a desperate odyssey of the innocent man begins…

Falkland employs all his energy and power by setting more and more people and institutions against Caleb who is forced to use increasingly illegal ways against the threats and accusations against him. Fortunately he is helped by the pretty serving girl Jane.

Director Herbert Wise’s Credits include the Golden Globe®-nominated drama SKOKIE as well as episodes of the thriller series TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED (from Roald Dahl’s stories) and the much praised INSPECTOR MORSE. He knows how to engage the audience and does so with spectacular success in CALEB WILLIAMS, setting the characters against the background of their times and maintaining the sympathy for Caleb while creating a gripping climax.

Herbert Wise
Günther Maria Halmer, Mick Ford, Chrissie Cotterill
Playing Time
90 min.
Production Company
Tele München
Original Author
William Godwin