Strong return of Saturday primetime TV-Show THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN! on Germany’s TV station RTL produced by Cologne-based production banner i&u TV.

Although the original show plan had to be re-scheduled at very short notice due to the Corona-related absences of protagonist Günther Jauch and show host Thorsten Shorn, each episode of the total of three was a highly remarkable success from a ratings perspective and led to the result that broadcaster RTL dominated on Saturday evening for three times in a row.  

In terms of average overall reaches and market shares (among the target group 14-49-year-olds), the season’s first episode started with a total average reach of 2.85 million people and a 17.9 percent market share within the target group. Followed by the second run one week later, an average of 2.80 million people tuned in on Saturday night and led to a good overall market share of 16.5 percent among the 14-49-year-olds. This season’s last episode even scored a season’s best, with an overall reach of 2.91 million viewers and a strong 18.2 percent market share within the target group and hit well above the station's norm.

The last episode also scored good ratings in Austria. A total of 149,000 people watched it, giving RTL Austria a very good market share of 11 percent in the local target group of 12-49-year-olds. And it performed even better among the 18-39-year-olds with a 15.6 percent market share.