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Everyone can relate to the problems of reconciling the struggle for success at work as well as those of love ever since “Working Girl” appeared on the big screen. But what if you didn’t have to fight your boss or some other colleague but your very own boyfriend? That’s the delicious premise of WORKAHOLIC.

Rhoda (Christiane Paul) is thinking about putting her career aside to start a family with her boyfriend Max (Tobias Moretti). But he’s such a workaholic he won’t even give her a minute to discuss it. After yet another disappointment Rhoda decides it’s time to change plans and give him a taste of his own medicine. And she doesn’t do things by half, initiating some major changes for both of them by recruiting not one, not two, but three new men to enhance her sex life, boost her career and provide much needed friendship and support. Max is in for a big surprise!

The life-work-family balance as portrayed in the mid-‘90s is given a thorough shake up as WORKAHOLIC explores all the possibilities for laughter and mayhem. TV-star Tobias Moretti (“Kommissar Rex”) and actress Christiane Paul take on the German version of the “War of Roses” with equal efforts, along with a hilarious Ralf Bauer starring as a sex-obsessed musician who is only too glad to help Rhoda. Putting its headstrong characters through the ultimate gender clash WORKAHOLIC guarantees viewers both sweet romance and smart comedy in one wonderfully wrapped package!

Sharon von Wietersheim
Christiane Paul, Tobias Moretti, Ralf Bauer
Playing Time
89 min.
Rikolt von Gagern
Production Company
Tele München
Sharon von Wietersheim, Andrea Sixt