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THE WHITE PLANET is the work of two men who have given their lives to Nature and been richly rewarded by her in return. With the most incredible footage, personal experiences and impressions, Thierry Piantanida and Thierry Ragobert take the viewer into the depths of a world within our world: the Arctic.

This amazing documentary juxtaposes life in the harsh yet beautiful Arctic against the background of seasonal change. Narrator Jean-Louis Étienne, himself a polar explorer, illuminates the lives of such inhabitants as the seal, polar bear, walrus, Arctic fox and caribou, as well as the problems of global warming and its effects on this still pristine white world.

Both directors spent many years working with the great French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau and in THE WHITE PLANET they put their experience to best use, capturing the sheer beauty of the Arctic, its flora and fauna, with brilliance and empathy. Breathtaking images transport the viewer into this world of extreme tranquility and cold, leaving behind our warm, fast moving, existence, to both fascinate and promote feelings of peace and contemplation. THE WHITE PLANET is a masterpiece of documentary.

Thierry Piantanida, Thierry Ragobert, Jean Lemire
Playing Time
81 min.
Stéphane Millière, Jean Lemire, Jean Labadie
Production Company
Gedeon Programmes, BAC FILMS
Stéphane Millière, Thierry Piantanida