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Wes Craven’s name and reputation is second to none among fans of horror and suspense. The creator of “A Nightmare On Elm Street” has an ability to inject humour, scope and amazing special effects into tightly written stories with fantastically evil bad guys. In SHOCKER Craven introduces us to Horace Pinker, a television repairman who sidelines as a serial killer of entire families.

Pinker was supposed to be executed but he has his soul sold to Satan and is therefore able to enter and possess other bodies. The hero of the story, a student called Jonathan, has premonitions of the murders before they occur. Fortunately Jonathan is able to merge with the spirit of his dead girlfriend, Alison (another of Pinker’s victims), to help him vanquish the monster in a finale that sees him and Pinker chasing and fighting each other through the electronic world of various television channels!

SHOCKER mixes barbed humour with nail biting tension and jump-in-fright moments as only Craven can do to produce a film deserving of the word cool. Pinker is gloriously rotten in the tradition of Freddy Krueger. There’s more than enough hack and slash for the gore hounds and guest appearances are Ted Raimi (“Evil Dead II”), Heather Langenkamp (“A Nightmare On Elm Street”) and even Wes Craven himself. 

Wes Craven
Cami Cooper, Michael Murphy, Mitch Pileggi, Peter Berg, Timothy Leary
Playing Time
105 min.
Production Company
Universal / Alive Enterprises
Wes Craven