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SHATTERED DREAMS is the true story of how the façade of a perfect marriage and family life develops to hell. 

When Charlotte (Lindsay Wagner) met her husband John (Michael Nouri) she is a student nurse and he is a law student. After a whirlwind romance their marry and dream of a happy future as a happy couple. But as John’s law career takes off he becomes moody, withdrawn and obsessive, starting to react to Charlotte with violence. She wants to leave him but her own mother blames her for the trouble, the family priest advises her to “be a good wife” and her resolve weakens. When she learns she is pregnant, Charlotte knows there is no way out. The years pass, Charlotte has three more sons, John’s outbursts increase in frequency and violence - mentally as well as physically. But each time he is terribly sorry, promising never to hurt her again. Finally, Charlotte can no longer take the abuse. She takes the children, begins divorce proceedings and realizes that the dreams and hopes she once had have been shattered forever.

Lindsay Wagner, best known for her lead role in the TV-series “The Bionic Woman” (1975-1978), delivers a powerful and searing performance as the woman whose wedding vows quickly become a set of chains imprisoning her. Michael Nouri (“Flashdance”) is utterly convincing, playing her husband John as a real-life monster torn by his own personal conflicts and demons. SHATTERED DREAMS is both top quality TV-movie entertainment and a message to women trapped in an abusive relationship: life does not have to be like this, your hopes and dreams are yours to be fulfilled.

Robert Iscove
Ken Jenkins, Georgann Johnson, Irene Miracle, James Karen, Michael Nouri, Lindsay Wagner
Playing Time
90 min.
Stephanie Austin
Production Company
Roger Gimbel Productions
David J. Hill
Release Date (US)