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Teacher Helmut's greatest passion is... bird-watching! Until he runs into school buddy Klaus and his bubbly girlfriend Helene, who turn the sullen teacher's life and marriage on its head.


A midsummer's comedy: Helmut and Sabine Halm's marriage is in a rut. For ten years they've been vacationing in the same house on Lake Constance so Helmut can indulge his greatest passion: bird-watching. He's perfectly happy enjoying the peace and quiet when his loud-mouthed, gold jewelry-wearing high-school buddy Klaus shows up from out of nowhere with his bubbly blonde girlfriend Helene to shake up the teacher's torpid life. While Helmut tries to escape from the gregarious gadfly, Sabine finds herself fascinated. And soon Helmut takes a liking to Helene's backrubs. When the two men wind up on the lake in a storm in a tiny nutshell, Klaus falls overboard and Helmut makes a fateful decision...


A biting and witty social satire penned by Germany's leading novelist Martin Walser, staged by veteran director Rainer Kaufmann with an all-star ensemble of German acting talent led by Ulrich Noethen and Katja Riemann.


Based-on-Book, Drama, Comedy
Rainer Kaufmann
Katja Riemann, Ulrich Tukur, Ulrich Noethen, Petra Schmidt-Schaller
Playing Time
96 min.
Paul Günczler, Rikolt von Gagern
Production Company
GATE, CLASART Film und Fernseh-Produktionsgesellschaft
Kathrin Richter, Ralf Hertwig
Original Author
Martin Walser