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Sixteen-year-old London teen Gwen becomes a pawn in a sinister conspiracy when she realizes that she can time-travel. With the help of a dashing young man and fellow time-traveler, she sets out to learn the truth about a secret society with a mysterious agenda.

What Gwen Shepherd finds out about herself when she turns 16 defies belief: she has a gene that allows her to time-travel! This emerges when she suddenly vanishes at school and finds herself in 1912 London. When she returns to the present, she is taken under the wing of young Gideon de Villiers, who also has the gene, along with looks, poise and self-confidence. Gideon introduces Gwen to the Secret Society of the Count of Saint-Germain, which she thinks is a lot of humbug. Yet the society declares her an important member of the inner circle, and designates her as Ruby Red. When they try to rein in the strong-minded teen, however, Gwen feels alone and frightened. Worst of all, she doesn’t know if she can trust Gideon, who is arousing unknown emotions within her. Armed with prophecies and warnings from time travelers of the past, Gwen and Gideon return to the origins: to the Count of Saint-Germain, a man who wields great power and needs Gwen’s blood to achieve his ends; and to the Florentine Alliance, a mighty opponent of Saint-Germain’s Secret Society. Fortunately, Gideon is there to protect Gwen, who is now in mortal danger and pursued by various sinister individuals from the present and the past...

Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance, Teenie, Literature
Felix Fuchssteiner
Maria Ehrich, Jannis Niewöhner, Kostja Ullmann, Josefine Preuß, Laura Berlin, Jennifer Lotsi, Florian Bartholomäi, Veronica Ferres, Peter Simonischek, Katharina Thalbach, Axel Milberg
Playing Time
122 min.
Production Company
Tele-München, LIEBLINGSFILM GmbH, mem-film berlin GmbH, GFF
Katharina Schöde
Original Author
Kerstin Gier