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Sometimes history tells the most dramatic and outstanding stories. ROSENSTRASSE is one of them.

At the peak of their power, the Nazis ordered the Jewish partners in so-called mixed marriages in Berlin to be arrested and detained in a prison in Rosenstrasse prior to deportation. In an act of daring civil courage their German spouses jeopardised their own freedom and their lives in an exceptional series of daily protests to eventually win their release.

Margarethe von Trotta relates this incredible story in the personal tale of young American Hannah (Maria Schrader) who is looking for her family’s past. In conflict with her émigré German mother, Hannah travels to Berlin to find out why her mother never talks about her origins. It is Lena Fischer (Doris Schade) who sheds light on the darkness: In 1943 young Lena (Katja Riemann) was one of the protestors, looking to free her husband (Martin Feifel). There she meets Hannah’s mother who is searching for her family and takes the girl in.

Katja Riemann and colleagues deliver intense acting as ROSENSTRASSE sets a timeless memorial for the brave people who were willing to risk everything to free their spouses. This award-winning drama is a powerful and convincing story about friendship and love during a time when the world has sunken in barbarity.

Margarethe von Trotta
Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Martin Feifel, Jürgen Vogel
Playing Time
135 min.
Production Company
Studio Hamburg Produktion / Letterbox Filmproduktion
Pamela Katz, Margarethe von Trotta
Release Date (US)
Coppa Volpi for Katja Riemann, Venice Film Festival