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NO PANIC! plays with one of the most famous clichés of Germans: bureaucracy and the urgent need to do it thoroughly.

Sebastian and Frieder are best friends. But fate has decided that Sebastian has to die in an accident. Responsible of getting this done is pen pusher Schulz from the Other World. But he makes a mistake in the paper work and so Frieder dies. Because Schulz does not want anyone to notice this, he gives Frieder seven days to set things right and persuade Sebastian to die voluntarily. At first the plan seems to work but then Sebastian finds more and more reasons to stay alive. So Schulz sends more undead and tries to handle the chaos of this mix-up…

NO PANIC! features a well set-up and terrifically timed screenplay from the genre-approved Mathias Dinter (“Night of the Living Losers”). This absolutely politically incorrect comedy is going from easy laughter to immensely funny. The pace picks up towards a great surprise in the final showdown when representatives of both worlds meet in friendship, love and a drinking contest!

Michael Gutmann
Karl Lieffen, Axel Milberg, Julia Jäger, Anian Zollner, Oliver Korittke
Playing Time
88 min.
Production Company
Tele München
Matthias Dinter