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He only does it for his family – his wife Irina and his five-yearold son Simon. After a longish spell of unemployment, David, a lawyer, accepts a job that he can’t actually reconcile with his conscience. 

He is to liquidate a company – and he has to fire all the employees and wind up the bankruptcy estate. David’s scruples seem justified: on his very first day in the new job a young woman collapses when he gives her notice. David drives the woman home, tries to comfort her – to his surprise the young woman suddenly turns aggressive and accuses him of being a hypocrite. What happens next is even more unexpected: that very night she phones David at home and threatens him. From now on she appears every day in the open-plan office, and also terrorises him by phone. She seems to be everywhere. When the young woman finally turns up in a very private situation, David decides to confront her. Absolutely furious, he drives to her home – and finds her dead body. The woman has hanged herself. From now on David’s life hits the skids: he has the feeling that the dead woman wants to take her revenge on him and his family. He becomes afraid of the vast, lifeless office where he works every day on his own. Each shadow, each strange noise, each door that wasn’t properly closed, all these increase David’s fear. Is he being haunted by a ghost – or is it all in his mind? In the past David had undergone psychiatric treatment. He used to suffer from debilitating states of anxiety. No wonder that David’s wife regards his ghostly visions as a relapse. When he suddenly starts speaking with the voice of the ghost, David sees this a consequence of his neuroses. Not until the deaths occur of people around him does David understand that the ghost exists and is determined to exterminate his family. When he finally stands face to face with the ghost of the young woman, he has to make a terrible, irreversible decision. 

Alexander Adolph
Christian Berkel, Jule Ronstedt, Bibiana Beglau, Leopold Conzen, Gundi Ellert, Helmfried von Lüttichau