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Set in a future United States when petrol has run out and all activities are observed by the Safety Committee, Lee Majors plays Frank Hart, an ex-racing driver determined to give his Porsche one last thrash.

He is joined by a young computer whizz, Ring McCarthy, who plans to join the resistance in the west. He tells Hart where a secret stash of petrol is, if Hart will drive them to the new society in California!

But the Supervisor of the Safety Committee, Hawkins, is determined to crush their plans and orders Commander Williams (Burgess Meredith) to hunt them down and destroy them with the last remaining fighter jet. As Hart and Ring’s Porsche streaks for the border they are closely watched by Hawkins who is manoeuvering them into a trap with the jet overhead and a giant laser waiting to vaporise them!

Lee Majors, one-time husband of Farah Fawcett Majors till she divorced him and reverted to Farah Fawcett, is still famous to millions as “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Fall Guy”, while Burgess Meredith and his distinctive raspy voice were a regular feature as Penguin on the classic TV-series “Batman”.

Science Fiction
Martyn Burke
Hugh Webster, Ben Gordon, Harvey Atkin, George Touliatos, Diane D'Aquila, Alexandra Stewart, Chris Makepeace, Burgess Meredith, Lee Majors
Playing Time
101 min.
Production Company
Crown International
Martyn Burke, Roy Moore, C.R. O'Christopher