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Just how confusing can relationships get? As I OFFER YOU THE STARS shows, they can get more confusing than you ever thought.

Somewhat self-centred chanteuse Laura Montei (Sunnyi Melles) has her heads in the clouds but also a very solid relationship with the successful and well-off entrepreneur Robert Dallburg (Gottfried John). Soon Laura gives birth to a beautiful baby boy named Arthur. What sounds like a happy little family is not quite what it seems as Arthur's skin has not the same color as his father's or mother's. The trail leads back to Robert’s not so ex-girlfriend who has recently been dating an African man as well as him.

With its humour definitely tilting towards the dark side, I OFFER YOU THE STARS’ writer-director, Jörg Graser, takes a look not only at the consequences of people trying to tie the knot while sidestepping but also finds the perfect balance between the love story and the blithe elements of his script.

Lead by veteran film and theatre actor Gottfried John (“Goldeneye”) the illhumoured and hilarious comedy unites an amazing cast. I OFFER YOU THE STARS piles up the most confusing and at the same time incredibly funny situations known to everyday life, depicting the absolute nightmarish consequences of adultery as situations go from bad to much, much worse ...

Jörg Graser
Ottfried Fischer, Christa Berndl, Isabell Fischer, Albert Kitzl, Gottfried John, Sunnyi Melles
Playing Time
92 min.
Production Company
TM, Hamster, ZDF, ORF
Jörg Graser