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HUNGARIAN REQUIEM is powerfully moving and a dedication to the triumph of the human spirit.

The film deals with the aftermath of the failed revolution in 1956, mercilessly crushed beneath the treads of Soviet tanks. The successor regime seeks to maintain the atmosphere of fear and terror by wiping out those who fought so bravely for freedom. The prisons are full with people crammed together in cells and awaiting execution. In one an elderly professor, a regular officer, a tough sailor, a police officer (who sided with the revolution), a frightened gypsy, a freedom-fighter commander and a young boy who has just turned eighteen share the sparse room. Trying to find a way to ease the terrible tension they start to tell each other stories. They talk about escaping, their dreams, their fight for freedom, their memories. All reflect the eternal dreams of reality: the beauty of life, love and freedom. One after the other is taken away to the gallows but each death is a moral victory over the regime of terror.

Károly Makk
Károl Eperjes, Dénes Ujlaki, Tibor Gazdag, György Cserhalmi, Mathieu Carrière, Hans Christian Blech
Playing Time
97 min.
Production Company
Trans Atlantic Films
Károly Makk, Mihály Kornis