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Friends Pattex and Horst and plenty of beer: What better way to be stranded at a bus stop on an early Saturday morning!

Meanwhile, Nadja and Marek decide to spend the rest of the night together. For Marek, this means sleeping; for Nada mostly sleeping with Marek. A couple of hours later Rita and Ewald hop onto the N7 line. She to find the man of her life; he because he just fled from the psychiatric clinic. Although Ewald isn't Rita's type, they get closer at a highway service station and drive off with a stolen ambulance.

Uschi Ferstl, Florian Gallenberger, Saskia Jell, Vanessa Jopp, Matthias Lehmann, Beryl Schennen, Sandra Schmidt
Peter Bechtel, Daniel Brühl, Shira Fleisher, Eva Hassmann, Julia Hummer, Alexandra Maria Lara, Mina Tander, Chiara Schoras