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Hogi's exciting and adventurous hedgehog life unfolds for us in this riveting movie which follows the life of this adorable young hedgehog through the seasons...

This animal comedy relates the life of the little hedgehog “Hogi.” In late fall he is saved from freezing by Hanna, a "hedgehog woman" who is responsible for seeing to the well-being of orphaned hedgehogs during the winter. But Hogi turns out to be a rather mischievous foster child. Within a few weeks he has turned Hanna’s house upside down, while still remaining a sweet-natured little pest.

When spring comes, he is able to set himself free by chance. It is the beginning of his big adventures in the wilderness: he becomes all too familiar with the eagle owl’s sharp claws, learns to cope with speeding driver and keeps making traps for a bumbling farmer (Claus Christian Michor). On top of everything, the bristly little fellow even steals an occasional egg. But Hogi also meets a lady hedgehog, who becomes his wife and with whom they have an adorable little baby hedgehog...

Hogi unfolds his entire exciting and adventurous hedgehog life in front of us. In the course of the nature year he leads us through meadows, woods and moors, and takes us across street intersections that are nothing less than a daredevil feat for a hedgehog.

Children / Teenagers
Kurt Mündl
Irma Trimmel, Klaus Christian Michor, Andreas Wagner