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Oliver Stone's biography of singer Jim Morrison, following him as a young student to his death in Paris in 1971 with only 27 years.

THE DOORS is a tribute to a man who still means so much to so many, who could be charming and obnoxious, refinded and crude, who described himself as "a sensitive, intelligent human being, but with the soul of a clown, that forces me to blow it all at the most crucial of moments." Although The Doors only recorded six albums their impact is still present and Morrison's grave is a regular place of pilgrimage for music fans. Star of the movie is Val Kilmer who not only plays Morrison but became him, even doing his own singing. Rumors say that even former members of The Doors couldn't differentiate between the two. With THE DOORS Stone has created a film with its own vitality that goes beyond the superficial to express and explore something far deeper. In combination with the visual style of cinematographer Robert Richard ("Platoon", "Wall Street", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Natural Born Killers") the film becomes as unique as its subject.

Biography, Music / Dance
Oliver Stone
Kathleen Quinlan, Billy Idol, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Mark Moses, John Capodice, Dennis Burkley, Costas Mandylor, Josh Evans, Michael Madsen, Michael Wincott, Kevin Dillon, Frank Whaley, Kyle MacLachlan, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer
Playing Time
140 min.
Production Company
J. Randal Johnson, Oliver Stone
CIS and CEE (excl. PL)