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The Navajo believe a man's soul can be touched by the wind of evil. DARK WIND is an exciting thriller with the right amount of mysticism and spiritual depth.

A young half-Navajo cop is stationed in a reservation where he discoveres illegal doings. The inhabitants live in a world of their own and have their own way of thinking and interpret the law. It is impossible for an outsider to enter. This world has its own rules, spirit and dynamic so that the young officer faces a lot of difficulties while trying to solve the mysterious crimes.


Errol Morris is best known as a documentarist who won the 2004 Academy Award® for Besz Documentary for "The Fog Of War: Eleven Lessons From The Life Of Robert S. McNamara". His other credits include "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall Of Fred A. Leuchter Jr.", "A Brief History Of Time" and "The Thin Blue Line". Actor Lou Diamond Phillips creates after "Young Guns" again a powerful and mysterious presence that adds to the layers of secrecy and spiritualism.

THE DARK WIND is Morris' first feature film. He brings back his unique observational talents to the world of fiction. The result is a masterpiece of early 1990s cinema.

Errol Morris
Lou Diamond Phillips, Gary Farmer, Fred Ward, John Karlen, Lance Baker, Guy Boyd
Playing Time
105 min.
Patrick Markey
Production Company
Dark Wind Productions / North Face / Seven Arts / Canal Plus
Neal Jimenez, Eric Bergren, Mark Horowitz
Original Author
Tony Hillerman