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THE COSMONAUT'S LETTER deals with the things everyone has to face and somehow reconcile: growing up and still holding on to your dreams.

The family of 10 year old Heinrich has just emigrated from Russia to Germany. But the young boy has problems fitting in and dreams of traveling into space someday. When he runs away from home after being told by his father that he has been adopted, he stumbles upon Ruslan, who has a worldlier journey on his mind: a fresh start in the United States. Their mutual acquaintance changes both their lives as the unusual couple tries to make their dreams come true.

In this many layered film writer and director Vladimir Torbica embeds a childhood adventure into a father-son conflict and blends in the problems and fears of immigrants without resorting to pathos or over-dramatising. The script is so convincing because it leaves enough room for emotions and thoughts as Heinrich slowly comes of age but also depicts the conflict between him and his father and his relationship to Ruslan. The entertaining parable appeals to audiences of all ages as the protagonists learn from one another while they pursue their individual visions of freedom.

Vladimir Torbica
Frederick Lau, Luk Piyes, Jekaterina Medvedeva, Oliver Bäßler, Thomas Bircks, Jörg Gennun, Julia Thurnau, Edwin Marian, Stipe Erceg, Klaus Schindler, Roman Beckord, Marijan Lösch, Ulrike Bliefert, Eduard Kuular, Walera P. Kanischtscheff, Svevolod Tsurilo
Playing Time
97 min.
Markus Zimmer
Production Company
Clasart Film- und Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
Vladimir Torbica