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Even people who have spent the last fifteen years in an underground prison, on an oilrig, in outer space, have heard of BASIC INSTINCT!

But just in case you haven't, Paul Verhoeven's classic pot-boiler of sex and violence entertains like few other films, thanks to its heaps of hyperkinetic antics both in and out the bedroom, in clubs and even on the highway! This is high octane sweaty stuff! Of the kind that steams up the screen as Michael Douglas' cop and Sharon Stone's is-she-a-psycho-or-not thriller-writer play cat and mouse, as he seeks to discover whether she is a vicious sex murderer. Paul Verhoeven has openly admitted BASIC INSTINCT is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" (in one sequence Stone wears the same outfit as Kim Novak did). This brings us to THAT scene! The one scene for which BASIC INSTINCT will always be remembered and that has caused more pause-buttons to be hit than any other film!

With his trademark up-front frankness Verhoeven delivers his usual in- appropriate kinky humour as also evidenced in "RoboCop" and "Total Recall", while not holding back on the nitty gritty stuff that is, take note, essential to the plot. Joe Eszterhas, then Hollywood's top writer, has created a script that seethes with eroticism and suspense. Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell is sexually rampant, bisexual, beautiful and deadly, seductive and manipulative, witty, intelligent and magnetic. Michael Douglas as detective Nick Curran is driven, masculine and out of his depth. BASIC INSTINCT is gloriously delicious pleasure.

Paul Verhoeven
Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Denis Arndt
Playing Time
128 min.
Mario Kasser
Production Company
Carolco / Canal Plus
Joe Eszterhas
CIS and CEE (excl. PL)
Academy Award® Nominations:
Film Editing – Frank J. Urioste
Music (Original Score) – Jerry Goldsmith

Cannes Film Festival:
in competition