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Capturing a depth of atmosphere and degree of darkness seldom equalled, let alone surpassed, ANGEL HEART is a cinematic descent into hell.

Alan Parker's masterpiece brings us Mickey Rourke's finest acting and yet another standout performance by the legendary Robert De Niro, backed up by ace supporting turns from Charlotte Rampling and Lisa Bonet.

Set in the 1950s, Mickey Rourke plays Harry Angel, a private detective hired by the mysterious Louis Cyphere (Robert De Niro) to find a missing musician called Johnny Favorite. What starts out as a simple case soon leads from New York to the swamps of Louisiana, to murder upon murder and, for Angel, to a final confrontation with some very unpleasant truths about himself and Mr. Cyphere.

As De Niro's character says, "However cleverly you sneak up on a mirror... your reflection always looks you straight in the eye." Angel can pretend to lie, to himself and Mr. Cyphere, but in the end he knows. And it's not the knowledge that hurts, but the hiding, denial and lying that went on before. Parker peels back the layers of his characters (watch for the scene where De Niro eats a hardboiled egg!) to reveal to us, and to them, the naked, ugly truth; laying on the atmosphere with some of the most richly and beautifully shot images ever to hit the screen.

Thriller, Mystery
Alan Parker
Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Eliott Keener, Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Whitcraft
Playing Time
108 min.
Alan Parker
Original Author
William Hjortsberg
CIS and CEE (excl. PL)